Riding the rollercoaster they call life….

So it’s like the song says, life is a rollercoaster, just ride it.


Quite frankly, I don’t want to ride the rollercoaster.  This last month has been so full of ups and downs that I just don’t know which way is actually up anymore!!

We had decided about a year ago that we would finish the renovations on our house, sell it to somebody who could appreciate the bloody hard work that we put into it, and upgrade to a bigger house, in a bigger town, closer to our friends and after school activities, and spend some time enjoying life.   Continue reading “Riding the rollercoaster they call life….”

Last move…

You know how I said I was never moving again? I lied. I have since moved twice, but this is the last time for quite a while, as we now own our own home instead of renting.

And which means SWMBO now has a zillion more jobs for me to do.

I dug part of the vege garden this morning. Exciting stuff.
I actually got further than the pic, this ia kind of a “before” pic, I’d just started.
I was so exhausted afterwards I forgot to do an “after” one.

I do like having a large backyard for the demi-humans though, even if it is tiered.