Leuchtturm Notebooks

Well, after a massive amount of staring at a computer screen, it seems the Leuchtturm1917 A5 dot-grid notebooks fit the bill for both SWMBO and myself.

Initially, I ordered one for myself from eBay UK as it was cheaper shipping than anything in the USA and was cheap enough for the book also. I did however not read the sellers terms, that they add 20% VAT. 
Doh. They usually don’t charge that for international orders.. but sure whatever, still an alright price at $35 landed at my door.
I ordered a teal (Emerald) notebook, which seems to be in “in” colour at the moment. I quite like it, though it irks me that my taste fits in with popular choice.
I got bored waiting the other night so started searching for NZ sellers, ideally online and for a reasonable price. None showed on the first page of google. Then I looked at the adverts (you know, the first couple of results which I usually ignore because they are adverts…) and one of them was www.1917.co.nz.
So I checked out the site, sent them an email on the contact page. SWMBO walks in behind me and points out the physical address is around the corner from where she works, then sends them an email telling them that her husband is an idiot and she will drop in and see them at some stage.
I didn’t even notice, I didn’t read it as it’s not very often a supplier is in our home town.
So we stopped in on the way home tonight, and SWMBO now has a purple A5 dot-grid notebook, and he threw in a couple of 2014 A6 diaries as he said he won’t be selling them now. I guess that’s true, it’s fairly late in the year. And we also purchased a couple of pen-loops, though in retrospect we should have grabbed a couple more. So handy.
Now we just need to order a couple of fountain pens so that we are all fancy and proper. 
I’m not sure what the appeal is, but since searching for decent notebooks, an amazing amount of fountain pen stuff has shown up, and I really like it. It’s just something I need to have; I have decided.

Most likely a Pilot Metropolitan, though I am unsure which colour body. Probably an animal print one, maybe Taupe, SWMBO wants a violet one. Oh, and she wants Medium nib and I want the Fine.
They seem cheap and good, from the reviews. Though I’ll report back once we have them in our hands.

Notebooks and Bullet Journal

A while ago I saw the Bullet Journal website. It seems to be a thing now.
Looked like a cool idea, though I wasn’t sure I’d like to carry a larger notebook around – which it seemed I would need in order to utilise it properly.

For a while I have used a Wellspring Flip Note little notepad thing. It works well for short term notes, it is small enough that I can jam it in my pocket with keys or wallet (I don’t put things in phone pocket due to my dislike of scratched/broken screens) and I always have it on me.

A larger notebook I won’t necessarily carry on my person or have immediately handy, so I would think I’ll still use this little notepad.
But I want to try the Bullet Journal type system for organising my life.

I saw a couple of posts on Google+ regarding Workflowy so I have been using that, both on PC and Android. It works, but due to my job I don’t always have access and using it on my phone is annoying sometimes.
I lose things. I dislike that I forget things due to them being nested out of view. Using my Wellspring Flipnote works better in that regard, but I can’t fit EVERYTHING in it.
Now I tend to just use Workflowy for storing links to things… I guess it’s my bookmark list now.

So, Bullet Journal has led me to do ridiculous research on notebooks. Initially squared grid style pages were what I sought. Searching on Google does bring a ridiculous amount of results for Moleskine. Which as SWMBO pointed out while watching the Bullet Journal Video (it’s what he uses apparently), shows ink from the page behind one you have turned it. Also it appears fountain pens bleed through. So I want better paper – I’m undecided if I’ll use a fountain pen though.

I also found out about dot grid pages. So basically there is a dot where the intersecting lines would be on a squared grid. Interesting, and I do like it. If you’re curious: dot grid images.
I found possibly some suitable notebooks with these pages, but the one I liked had perforated pages. I think that would annoy me, I won’t want to remove pages for what I’m doing and I would not want to inadvertently remove pages while being fat fingered. I’m not keen on purchasing a notebook just to see how easy it is to pull the pages out.


…I had to reboot and lost the pages I had open. Oops. Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff out there on various blogs regarding Bullet Journal. Lots of reading to do.


I only have a few basic criteria:

  • Hardcover
  • Squared grid paper
  • Decent quality paper

I showed SWMBO Whitelines range, and initially she thought it was a gimmick but now this is her main requirement:

  • Not dark lines (SWMBO: Preferably white, in fact)
We shall see….   aarrgh this stuff is doing my head in.