House renovation – Part 1


We sold our house. We’d just finished renovating our first home, a 1905 Villa. We made it awesome, and figured we’d get some money from it to move on to our next home. Ideally a slightly larger place that didn’t need immediate work, so we could enjoy life for a little bit before adding our own touches.

So naturally, we bought a worse one.

We did everything that you shouldn’t do when buying a house. We looked through for 5 minutes, made sure we had finance and purchased it. No builders report, nothin’.

Basically, we are idiots. Informed idiots, because we are aware of what we should do, but yeah.

Take over day came (21st July), and we looked through. Place reeked. We ripped up carpet as we planned to replace before moving in, and found out it was wet in an area. Yuck. Pretty sure their dog was locked inside. Often.


Two layers of wallpaper started coming off on the first weekend, courtesy of parents who found some time to help out. They keep turning up to help, which is awesome. We also found a second hand kitchen on Trademe including an oven, so we grabbed that on the same weekend. I guess that’s not too bad progress.



The following week we had a new shower ordered, and (via TradeMe) a bathroom vanity under way. Decided that the plasterboard on the outside walls should come off so we could put insulation in. One of my bros actually moved just up the road a week before we took over this place, and he’s handy with house reno and got more involved on his last house so has a bit more gear than me. He popped in to help get the trim off so we could remove the plasterboard.


A few days later we worked out the second layer of wallpaper in the hall and one of the bedrooms wasn’t playing ball, so decided to replace that plasterboard while we’re at it, and enables us to add some wiring points for ethernet or whatever. Right now just draw-wires in conduit for me to sort out later (we need to get into the house and live first! I can do that later).

Second weekend we decided to clear the way for the fibre line which will run from the power pole on the street to the front corner of the house. We only needed to clear out an overgrown Camellia, but noted that the Power company had already cut the middle out of a large tree int he front yard as the lines ran through it, soooo we cut that down too. Well, the aforementioned brother, and also my Dad.


The battle of the chainsaws commenced. Then many loads of rubbish away – and a bunch left for firewood if/when we put in a wood burner instead of a gas one.

More to follow.

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