Riding the rollercoaster they call life….

So it’s like the song says, life is a rollercoaster, just ride it.


Quite frankly, I don’t want to ride the rollercoaster.  This last month has been so full of ups and downs that I just don’t know which way is actually up anymore!!

We had decided about a year ago that we would finish the renovations on our house, sell it to somebody who could appreciate the bloody hard work that we put into it, and upgrade to a bigger house, in a bigger town, closer to our friends and after school activities, and spend some time enjoying life.  

So we did – we put some long hard hours into finishing off all of the renovations, put our house on the market for sale at the price I thought it was worth, and within 10 days it was under contract for pretty close to what we wanted.  We were fairly confident that it would all go through, because the purchasers seemed pretty keen!  There were a few minor things that they asked us to do before settlement, which was fine by us, and everything was going swimmingly.  We had our finance pre-approval for our new house, and had put in an offer on a house that we quite liked, in a really good location, we just had to wait for the sale of our house to go through.  We were also going to take our girls on a trip to Australia or something similar for a week, to relax and recharge and enjoy some family time that we had been missing because of the work we had been doing on the house.  They were pretty awesome for us during a busy, messy time.

Unconditional day.  Even though I do this for a living (I’m a legal executive), it’s still incredibly stressful.  Time seemed to go sooooooo slow.  Then it happened.  The fax came, telling us that our house sale was unconditional.


What an awesome day!!  We could move on, no more limbo, get things going with our purchase and make some plans!

A couple of hours passed, and I was on cloud nine.  We had put so much time and effort into our home, and we were extremely proud of it!  Then we were called into a staff meeting.  I just figured that we were going to get told that somebody had left, or something similar.


Oh how wrong I was.

After a pretty tumultuous week following that meeting, it was confirmed.  The firm I work for is closing, and the director is branching out into other interests which she has been working on for 4 or so years, and as a result, the majority of the employees were going to be made redundant.  That includes me.  Pretty awesome timing, knowing that I’ve just sold my house and have to be out in a few weeks, and also knowing that it’s quite likely our finance pre-approval is going to be withdrawn by the bank because our income will be pretty much cut in half.

The next few weeks were some of the most stressful weeks of my life.  Afterr meetings with the employers, the bank, approaching people I knew, we found out that

  • rent is really bloody expensive.
  • the bank doesn’t really want to lend us a lot of money.
  • there isn’t a lot of jobs around at the moment, especially when there is 7 of us all looking at the same time.
  • stress = not a lot of sleep.


We found a house that we liked the look of – it wasn’t in a great area, needed a bit of work, but it was cheap and we could probably afford the mortgage (according to the bank).  Then a friend’s mum found out about our situation, and offered us her rental property to buy at a really good price.  We had a look through it, and decided it would be great for us – it needed a lot of work, but we could make it what we wanted, over time (and when I could find a new job) and it was in a great location.  Cue more discussions with the bank – wow, what an ordeal that was!!  It turns out that even though we would have to pay rent of $100-150 per week more than the expenses of owning, and we had a really hefty deposit, and we earned too much for Government assistance, we likely didn’t earn enough to pay a mortgage.  New empathy for other people trying to get into their first home!!  After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, we finally found out that our finance was approved, with a few conditions.

So that’s where we’re at for now.  The sale of our house goes through next week, but we can’t complete the purchase of our new house for another 6 or so weeks, and then it needs to be cleaned, painted and new carpet put in before we can move in.  Thank heavens for parents!!  We’re moving in with the in-law’s for the time between the sale and the purchase, so that the girls can stay at the same school until next term when they start at their new one.  I finish up work in about 5 weeks, and don’t have a job to go to yet.  I am lucky though – I have a husband who earns an income.  Some of my colleagues are single income families, and they’re a lot worse off than I am.

Still, I think I want to get off the rollercoaster for a while.  I’m only human after all.

Colouring fort

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