BMW E46 Wagon. V8.


img source

Been thinking about this for a while. I need (want) to upgrade my current run-about with something, and I like small cars with large engines.
I haven’t ever been a particularly huge BMW fan, but something about it just appeals. Also likely to get wife approval as she likes V8s.

Current car is a ’96 Toyota Carib, with the blacktop 20valve 4a-ge. Cool little car, goes really well and just ticked over 300,000km. A little smoky when pushing it high in rpm, though still a little power pack of an engine and super reliable. Up until we got the wife a new car she did over 400km every week in it.

Anyway, it’s great having a bit of power to overtake when needed, and I don’t really need the size of a 5series since the wife’s new car is a Commodore.


Also sort of thinking of this as a test bed for drive-line for the next club-car project…

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