Social obligations

We’ve all been through it. That party or function that you really can not be bothered going to, but you already rsvp’d saying your would because it’s an old friend or whatever.
I just went to one such event. A mate’s 30th. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good mate and a really nice guy. It’s just that at events run by his family (it seems his parents have great influence in his and his brothers lives) about  60% are family, 30% his workmates, and 10% his friends. Myself, being one of his friends, would rather watch paint dry than converse with anyone there.
Maybe there were less family this time, they are possibly starting to drop off by now.

Another of his friends whom we went to school with turned up, so at least I had someone to talk to. Turns out he feels the same way about these functions.
We had a laugh about how we didn’t really need to catch up as it is all on Facebook anyway, and chuckled at the largish guy going back for a heaped third helping of supper.

Which I got in trouble for.

It seems it was my mate’s (who’s party it was) brother in law, and his wife berated me for laughing at her brother. I felt bad at the time, but you know what? I actually don’t now.
I can’t take the piss out of the fat dude with the mountain of food, yet it’s socially acceptable to ridicule smokers? hmmm…

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