House renovation – Part 1


We sold our house. We’d just finished renovating our first home, a 1905 Villa. We made it awesome, and figured we’d get some money from it to move on to our next home. Ideally a slightly larger place that didn’t need immediate work, so we could enjoy life for a little bit before adding our own touches.

So naturally, we bought a worse one.

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Riding the rollercoaster they call life….

So it’s like the song says, life is a rollercoaster, just ride it.


Quite frankly, I don’t want to ride the rollercoaster.  This last month has been so full of ups and downs that I just don’t know which way is actually up anymore!!

We had decided about a year ago that we would finish the renovations on our house, sell it to somebody who could appreciate the bloody hard work that we put into it, and upgrade to a bigger house, in a bigger town, closer to our friends and after school activities, and spend some time enjoying life.   Continue reading “Riding the rollercoaster they call life….”

14point7 iDash – a datalogger update.

I thought I’d share an update on how this went over the season. Overall, an invaluable unit. A great resource which gave us hard data to back up what we were working out via reading plugs and driver feedback.

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14point7 iDash – Datalogger on a budget


I tried to do as much research as I could about this unit, I had spied it a while ago and recently had an application for a friend and customer who needed to check his AFR and EGT’s at the track, as it seemed he was super rich on the track but perfect on the dyno, and if he leaned it out on the track to get some response and pull out of the corners then when he put it back on the dyno the operator freaked out that it was too lean.

So we needed to see what it was doing on the track, as it was obviously very different to sitting in a dyno cell.

The car in question is a dirt track car, 4 cylinder on methanol. I considered that after he had finished with it would very likely be utilised in other temporary installs, so decided on a Dual Lambda version for future-proofing.
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Hobonichi Techo Cousin for 2016

Thought I needed a bit more structure with regards to forward planning than it previous notebook. I had used a “calendex” in my Bullet Journal, put notes on current day’s page and indexed them in the calendex. It worked well when I had limited things I needed to check in advance.

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Ta da!

Moving my bloggy stuff over here.

Because…. well I don’t really know. I want a user friendly place to put things down that might not necessarily be related, but all of which interest me.

Previously that was Blogger – but that’s changing as the blogger mobile app is rubbish. So there’s one reason.

BMW E46 Wagon. V8.


img source

Been thinking about this for a while. I need (want) to upgrade my current run-about with something, and I like small cars with large engines.
I haven’t ever been a particularly huge BMW fan, but something about it just appeals. Also likely to get wife approval as she likes V8s.

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